Solutions for reducing pain and bringing relief of arthritis.


Relieving pain, aiding in recovery from injury, and improving overall comfort with orthopedic products.





Helping to prevent injuries and add safety and comfort for playing sports.

Preventing injuries, relieving pain from repetitive motion, and helping you work smarter with occupational and ergonomic products.






Orthotics and insoles to add power to your step.




New from FLA!

FLA 3D Calf, Thigh and Achilles Tendon Supports! Advanced knitting structure provides support and compression for weak or injured joints/muscles, to help promote the healing process. Features a unique design for optimal fit and breathable, light weight material for comfortable wear.


Let's Talk Ankles

Ankle Conditions and Protection

Your ankle is both strong and flexible, bearing the weight of the entire body. It is an important joint for walking and running and can become injured during eve simple activities.


Relieve Arthritis Symptoms with Therall Arthritis Supports

Therall Premium Arthritis Care products – developed using the latest medical technologies – to relieve arthritis joint pain, including ankle, knee, wrist, and back.


Put Power In Your Step with Powerstep Orthotics

The #1 podiatrist-recommended pre-fabricated orthotics that cradle, control, absorb and propel. Get the fit and function of expensive, custom-made devices at a far more affordable price.


FLA 3D Calf & Thigh Supports Now Available!

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