Lumbar Disc Dysfunction – an injury to a disc in the lumbar region (L1– L5). This can result in pain, decreased range of motion, lumbar instability and loss of normal back function.

Lumbar Instability – described as excessive mobility of the lumbar spine due to ligament and / or muscle weakness. This results in pain and can also lead to possible disc dysfunction.

Lumbar Spine Sprain – occurs when the muscles or ligaments of the back are stretched or torn, resulting in pain and possible loss of function. This is a common and debilitating injury and can be mild, moderate or severe.

Lumbar Strain – an inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones. Strains typically occur from repetitive or overuse and may cause tenderness, pain or mild swelling.

Sacroiliac Sprain / Strain – an injury to the sacroiliac joint (between the sacrum and the upper part of the hip bone) causing pain, injury and/or misalignment of the muscles and ligaments.