Unlike soft drug store insoles, Powerstep® Orthotics feature a sturdy heel platform to stabilize your heel, plus a semi-flexible arch to comfortably support the foot. Powerstep offers the fit and function of expensive, custom-made devices at a far more affordable price.

  • Engineered to cradle, control, absorb and propel
  • Achieve proper foot posture, support, stability and mechanics
  • Prevent injuries
  • Get relief from heel, toe and arch pain
  • Be less fatigued
  • Enhance comfort walking, running, standing and doing    other activities
  • Pain relief and proactive prevention for many common foot conditions –
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Bunions
    • Hammertoes and claw toes
    • Calluses
    • Morton’s Neuroma

See the Difference Powerstep Orthotics make